How Did I Get Here?

Well. Where am I? Here's the rundown:

I am 36.5 years old. I have 2 college degrees and 1 trade diploma. I am a professional. I am a business owner. I have a full time job. I have a freelance career outside of both my business and full time job. I have and make time for people and activities I love. It's pretty balanced. I am pretty. I am fun. I am adaptable (within reason). I throw awesome parties. I love animals. I own only one cat (believe me, he's enough!) I am close to my family. I am maternal. I am healthy. I am funny. Parents love me. I love me. I am normal. I get my teeth cleaned like I am supposed to and I like going inside the bank to talk to real people. I seem to excel at everything I put my mind to....except love. I am "too ambitious" or "too wonderful and deserve better" or am "amazing but the timing is off"...... (*insert GIANT eye roll here) I have no long term relationship in my near future but, whatever, right? Its fine. I didn't think this was even an issue- SURELY I would find someone that I love and that loves me in return. We'll have a big party wedding and then a beautiful kid.......

I thought I had at least 2-3 years before I NEEDED to look at having a baby. So I had some tests done and my eggs are going the way of dust. That was huge dose of Father Time and a Reality check all in one. I wondered- has it always been an issue but I had no idea because I have never had anything out of the ordinary as far as lady bits go? All appointments MY WHOLE LIFE have always had normal results. Why would I think anything would be wrong or at the very least, make conceiving difficult?

In December 2016 I went for my yearly exam and asked the doc to check my levels to see where I am at. In case, you know, I wanted to start thinking about starting a family on my own since Prince Charming is lost in a forest somewhere. So he did. And then the results were stunning to me. My hormone levels were quite low and my ovary function was almost NOTHING.


So, he suggested I go and see a fertility specialist now rather than later, as in like...NOW.

I made an appointment at the Fertility Center of Las Vegas. I had one friend that used them for sure and another that I was pretty sure that is who they used. Both were married and trying to conceive. I, of course, am single and looking at this. I know I am not alone, but no one really talks about this. This is to be addressed in a different blog post.

So where I am now is I have a HSG (hysterosalpingogram) test (here's that: tomorrow and a sonogram the following day to make sure all the tubes are free and clear and that the uterus is nice and comfy. There's no reason to think that the issue is with the tubes- its the eggs most probably- but good to check right? I have to have a DRIVER for the HSG- because of the cramping that may be induced. WHAT? Totally looking forward to that. ugh. I'll let you know how that goes.....

Stay tuned for the post test post (no pun intended ;) ) and also to see how dating is going while trying decide to bring a tiny human into the world. Anyone else see "The Backup Plan?" I'm just waiting to see if this is what happens.....except I would prefer J Lo's body fat percentage. ;)

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