Today the first round of testing was completed. I went in for a Sonohysterogram. I wasn't totally sure what that was, so when I went in, all bleary eyed and sleepy early this morning, I asked.

"Is this external or invasive?" I asked.

"Invasive. They all are...." The tech said.

"Awesome. Good week so far haha!" I laughed, shaking my head.

Essentially the same thing as yesterday happened except thye used a wand to take the pictures and used water instead of iodine. I have to say, this one was way more uncomfortable than the HSG test. I was breathing through the wave of discomfort when I asked the tech why the cramps came like that. She explained that the uterus had a job- to get rid of things. When fluid is forced into it, it is reacting the way it should, which feels like cramping. Of course, once it was all removed, the discomfort subsided and all was right again. whew!

SO, now I wait till Thursday to see what all the data put together says and we make a plan. I like plans. The Virgo in me loves plans.

I have to say- the reaction from my sharing this has been amazing. I have some more information to share that I will be putting up this week- stay tuned!!!

Coming up in the interim- Looking for the perfect guy. again. oy! But ya know, with a twist. choosing sperm based on kid photos and essays......lol