Sooooo.....How does dating fit in?

March 18, 2017


If you've ever spent more than 5 minutes with me you know I am a romantic.  Hardcore.  I LOVE romantic comedies, tragic unrequited love stories, goofball films, and a good old fashioned tear jerker.  I cannot even watch the end of "The Notebook" after that first time.  **Spoiler ** To have her husband KNOW he cannot go on if she isn't in this world with him and so he climbs in bed with her and dies too.....?! CUE UGGGGGLY CRYING.  I can't.  I have had my heart broken and crushed more than lets say 3 times (that is a good bet), and I still believe in it.  I want to find my lobster

- that's what Phoebe said in "Friends". See:



So, how does dating work while going forward with having a tiny human?  I have no idea!!! hahaha! I am trying to figure this out.  I went on a great date recently and really like him :)  He's adorable, funny, passionate, and a whole bunch of other qualities I find attractive. I am looking forward to getting to know him.  However, remember that theoretical timeline I spelled out? Yeah. I guess we'll see what my instincts tell me to do.  


I am a pretty transparent person as far as communication goes, so I want to be super honest up front but I realize this is scary sometimes to people.  Whether its being truthful on how busy my life really is, how I feel about eating breakfast after 12pm (which is not ok btw! :) ), or how I feel about them, people tend to like spacing information out I have found.


 I imagine dropping this bombshell would definitely fall into the spacing out information category- but for how long?  Like, do I casually say over dinner one night on date 5, lets say, "Hey- so just so you know, I'm about to start taking hormones so I can have a baby- but not your baby, cuz that's WAY to soon, but with a random donor's sperm, but don't worry he sounds awesome.  Do you wanna stick around for that?"  hahaahaha....Of course, I would explain the reasoning why behind all of this. Maybe I'll just slip them a card with this blog address on it.....Lordy. I reference "The Backup Plan" a lot lately.  Watch this trailer.  This movie is hilarious and it could happen. You never know. 




We'll see how this new thing develops.  It may be a non starter and then I'll just wait till after to start dating again....I have NO IDEA. 


If you have any advice or have gone through this part, message me- I'd love to hear your thoughts.   


*****UPDATE******  New guy was a non starter.  Still in touch and amicable :)  Moving forward! 


***Update to the Update (end of March)*** Well, now I am not sure....we'll see where it goes and what happens I suppose. hmmmm.......

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