Green Light Lit

So sorry for the delay! BELIEVE me- I was trying to make this go in a more timely matter! Essentially, I have been in limbo sorting out the pharmaceuticals end with insurance and co-pays. Well, today, almost 3 weeks later, it allll came together!

I know some people take things at face value and if someone says "This cost xyz." then that must be what it costs and they pay the price. I am, as you can tell, not this way and because of this things may take longer, but man! its so much less costly!

Once I found out that my company has a preferred pharmacy for these specialty drugs, I called them to get the copay amounts. However, one of the companies that I previously had called to reverse claims had actually sent them to be ordered (without my go ahead) and so I had to call to have them clear ALL orders so the preferred could run the claims to get the co pay amounts. whew! Once that went through they discovered that some of the prescribed drugs and hormones were not covered, but if the Dr. switched them to this or that equivalent then they would be. So that was more phone calls to the clinic to have that done and then relayed. All was easily changed, just time consuming.

Next up were 2 drugs that need something called "Prior Authorization" because the cost exceeds the claim. Apparently this is not a big deal- the clinic just has to contact insurance and get it approved. Which. Takes. More. Time. (insert sigh)

So, today all the stars and phone calls aligned and everything was updated, approved and ready!!!

So before, with no insurance help (as I was told was the case), the bill was $4975 roughly for the first round, not including refills. Today the bill (not including refills) was $430! THEN.....the pharmacy rep tells me there are copay help cards for Gonal F (one of the drugs with a $35 co-pay of which I have 2) plus another for Endometrin which has a $100 co pay. After activating my cards the rep gave the info for, the $70 is taken care of and the Endometrin is now $50. My total for the first round is now $310. It makes it work the wait. for sure!

The meds will be here next week before the lady time starts and that way I have them on hand.

I called the clinic to see what the plan is now. On day 3 of my cycle, I will go in for testing to establish a baseline. Before that, I will receive my schedule of life. lol Literally it is a schedule for meds and office visits which will increase greatly closer to the time of egg collection. (Thank goodness for waxing! Everyone is gonna be all up in my lady bits!) So, yeah- my life schedule will be semi given to me. Which I appreciate. I love my planner and live by schedules so I will plug it in and adjust my life.

I also called the sperm bank. I am using Seattle Sperm Bank I asked how to do this- how do I order my future baby daddy's sperm? Ok, I didn't say that, but it seems its a lot like Amazon, but for sperm, and without awesome Prime shipping rates. Once my cycle starts, I will go online and order the IUI (ART)- fancy letters for Intrauterine Insemination Assisted Reproductive Technology- vial and have it shipped to the clinic. There are different vials for different procedures. Ask your IVF or Pregnancy Coordinator which vials you need. They cost different amounts and have different uses.

So the vial I need is about $450, just so you have an idea of cost if you are looking to do this, and shipping outside of Washington is $180. Yeah- no Prime discounts there ha! But, they are having to ship it in special cryo containers, is a special material, etc. So, I get it. The lady who helped me was very sweet and funny and Seattle Sperm Bank has been very helpful so far.

I imagine the upcoming weeks are going to get pretty interesting....I may do a video or something. I have no idea how the timing and stuff will be for me with the injections- I don't have a husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend there with me. I DO have an amazing tribe of friends here that have reached out to help me and I cannot rightfully express what that means to cup runneth over.

Stay tuned! The meds will be here soon and I'll show you what that looks like. I have a feeling its not so much like the pretty blue bottle in the picture! Stay Positive out there!!!! xoxo