Welllll....that is A LOT of everything!

April 23, 2017


My box of medications arrived.  In a BIG box .Not a cute little box, which is what I imagined.  There was a big brown box sitting on my porch waiting for me at midnight when I arrived home from work. I was at once excited and nervous, and so I decided to settle in for the night and then open it up and take a looksy. Today's entry is mostly going to be in video format.


 There are 2 videos:  the first one was recorded about 2 days after I opened the box and had calmed down and wrapped my brain around all the things.  The second video I recorded that night (or early morning- I think it was abut 2am- my regular bedtime due to my show work schedule).  My intention was to make a recording of the contents of the box and explain things for this blog.  I didn't expect to be so overwhelmed. 


I hope that if you have gone through this and had a similar reaction, you don't feel alone.  I found out from my friends who have opened their first box that they had a similar reaction. Which, honestly, that made me feel better. 


I chose this picture for today's entry because I found it so beautiful and full of the unknown.  Kinda like what this journey is. I am attempting to remain open and transparent through this process.  Some days it is harder- I struggled with rather or not to share the initial video because its not sunshine and rainbows.  Its me struggling with the enormity of the process I am in and how to do this without a romantic partner that is "built in and home"  and alllllllllll those NEEDLES.  I mean, Lordy, there are so many.  If anything, maybe I will conquer my aversion to them. oy vey! Please forgive my end of day looks and puffy crying face haha....everyday ain't a beauty pageant! ;) 






**Watch First**  Explaining all the Meds and the Overwhelmingness




The Overwhelming Video- Caution- Sad Panda Meghann Ahead.....(but don't worry- all is OK now xo)






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