Hello Brick Wall

Whoa. These meds are introducing me to a whole new kinda tired. Like T.I.R.E.D. You know its serious when there are periods in between the letters.

Day One of the shots was fine- I went to bed early anyway so I didn't notice. Saturday I had my shots and about an hour later, I felt so exhausted. I just thought, "well, I must not have slept well..." Sunday, it happened again plus a headache and I started to google. I remember the drugs saying "May cause sleepiness..." but this was not sleepiness. This was the equivalent of me running my busiest schedule for a week (which if you know me, that is an INSANE schedule. If you don't know me- we're talking working A LOT of hours and only stopping to sleep for a few hours) and all of the tiredness hitting in one punch. It is a very weird feeling.

The hardest tired day so far has been yesterday- Tuesday. I woke up tired, stayed tired, took my shots, was more tired, and went to bed tired. Rough. A lot of my mommy friends say this is how it is for part of the pregnancy, which makes sense- I am aggressively growing eggs at the moment- but Lordy. I felt like I was drugged, which, technically, I am. haha!

I have to add a new shot to the mix tonight which, SURPRISE!, also makes you tired! lol This morning I felt pretty normal, a lil tired, but we'll see how it goes after the addition tonight. I will let you know. I messaged the IVF coordinator to see how much caffeine is allowed during this process, as my days start around 9am and I don't get home till after midnight sometimes. She said 1-2 cups of coffee is ok. That is about what I have anyway so I am not sure how much help that will be. Also, I am not allowed to take Ibuprofen or Aspirin for the headache (or my stupid back). Only Tylenol which I find useless, so I will just push through those.

We are a week away from the egg retrieval ( a much better term than HARVEST!) I'm drinking a lot of water, which hopefully will help with the upcoming bloating, weaning off my one diet coke a day, I've cut back on my sunflower seed intake (which is hard) to help with that too, and am eating healthy.

On a side note- there is a lot of blood draws coming up and with my deeeeeep veins, I wanted to minimize the torture of finding them. After talking to mom (who has the same veins), she suggested I put a re-usable gel heating pad on at least 5 minutes before the draw to help. It totally worked!!!! Here's a picture:

Cheers! Here's to another fabulous day!