Not Quite Ready!

Today was one of the appointments towards the middle of this process, but towards the end of the first round of meds leading up to the egg extractions. These last several days have been harder in the tired department for sure!! I am thankful for sleeping reallllly well though. I cherish that haha.

As for my body changes, while taking the Gonal-F, Menopur, and Cetrotide, my boobs are definitely more full, which is impressive, and my stomach is kinda bloated and feels different- even slightly uncomfortable sleeping on it. Which I dislike, because I am a stomach sleeper. That should be real interesting if/when I actually do become pregnant. I will definitely need that special pillow.

The appointments this last Saturday and today were blood tests and vaginal ultrasounds. Let me tell you, those ultrasounds are UBER uncomfortable when the ovaries are growing eggs. Woo Buddy! The absolute weird pressure that comes from the wand and radiates through your abdomen is not awesome. Nope Nope Nope. Breathing innnn and ouuuut seems to help! I am finding my inner Yogi. The results from today's appointment were that I need to be on meds at least one more day. The eggs are not quite big enough and they need them to be bigger for harvesting. Where are those GMO drugs!? So, tonight I have more shots, and tomorrow I go back in for another ultrasound and bloodwork. And then we see if they'll be big enough for harvesting on maybe Thursday or Friday :)

I'll add an addendum to this tomorrow!



ADDENDUM: 6:00pm Monday May 1, 2017

Dr. Bedient called with my results from the blood test and ultrasound. First- I really like her. Her manner is so calm and reassuring, while being direct and articulate. I appreciate all of that. She told me that my Lh level (which controls the auto surge of hormones in my body) is up.(Here's some more info on that: There are 4 eggs in there growing and only 1 is really ready to be harvested. 1 is almost big enough and 2 are still too small. So they need to control the Lh Level and clear it out and get the other eggs to grow and catch up. The other option is to start over (insert sigh and ugh here). We are going to do a modified route to see if we can pump them up and get it this cycle.

What that means is this: I have 5-6 more days of the current meds/shots I am on, blood work and ultrasound this Thursday and then we'll know more of course as to when egg retrieval could possibly be. I am hoping Monday or Tuesday, but then, ALL of the plans I have made seem to go the way of the wind, so we'll see. :)

This is not great news, nor is it terrible. Its just news and I am doing fine. I hope this works and we can continue forward! Onward and Upward! Grow lil eggs! Grow!!! If you know any dances, prayers, or chants, or yummy chocolate that will help- holler!

Maybe these guys can help with their fertility dance in Hawaii. ;)