Good Luck, right?

I'm about halfway through the 2nd cycle of stimulant hormores ("stims" if you're hip) and so far, things are going well. I began shots last Saturday and went in for bloodwork that following Tuesday. That morning I had an easy blood draw and waited for the call with the results. While doing my makeup and hair and getting ready for the day, the coordinator called and told me that overall everything looked good, but the absorption of the hormones was less than they wanted, so I was to up my dosage of Gonal-F from 225 IU to 325 IU and come in on Thursday to see if that did the trick.

I'm gonna be honest- it upset me. I was trying to finish getting ready when my roommate and darling dear besty came in to tell me something about something and saw that I was upset. It was nice to have her there to be able to fall apart for a moment and then pull it back together. It is just all so frustrating sometimes!!!! grrrr....I am a person who, when they set out to do something, 99% of the time, I accomplish it. Period. So to have this experience (and biology) that I am NOT in control of makes me BANANAS. This is something I have been grappling with since all this started back in January, and some days it is easier to deal with, but in general, it is not. I want to punch the abstract cause of frustration in its stupid abstract face. Whew. I feel better now. ;)

Anyhoo- Let me tell you- that extra dosage kicked my booty. Whoa. The first day of the upped dosage was a pretty good punch, but the 2nd day- holy moly Batman! I was SO tired and ready to go home. To crawl into my bed at 12:30am Wednesday night was as close to a holy ritual as I have come to in a long time. haha! Thursday I went into have another blood draw and those results were great. The extra dosage was working and I was cleared to add in the third hormone, Cetrotide, that evening along with maintaining the higher dosage.

Yesterday began the feelings of being all bloaty and uncomfortable, which in this case is a good thing. Lordy Lordy. I went in this morning for the moment of truth- the ultrasound and bloodwork to see how many eggs are really in there and how they are doing. Everything looked good!!! So far, there seem to be 6 follicles or eggs in there. 3 in each ovary. I have to go back in on Monday to see how they are doing, and if everything looks good, then we schedule the collection of said eggs for sometime this week. (Side note- the other morning I was in the clinic lobby and a lovely lady was leaving after having her eggs collected. This procedure requires you to undergo anesthesia and then you must stay in the clinic for about 2 hours in recovery before heading home, with a driver of course. I thought- ok, not too bad. Y'all- she looked like one of the drunk girls in the casino that is trying to walk like they are NOT drunk, but really they needed to be in there pjs, in bed, and not upright trying to do anything. Sooooo, I guess I really will be more out of it than I thought. Hence, you have to go home and chillax for the rest of the day.)

I also changed my plan as far as the process goes. I have decided to have the genetic testing of the chromosomes in the embryo phase to make sure all is well before implantation. I don't have a lot of eggs to begin with, so I want to make my odds the best possible for viability and carrying of the embryo. Also, depending on how many eggs are viable and good to go, I have requested that one NOT be inseminated by the donor sperm I chose. This is so if I do find the man I love and want to have a child with, I can have a child that shares both of us. They would be the biological father :) How awesome would that be!? So, I am keeping that option open for the future and I would love to see that happen someday. Always a romantic, haha. :)

So, today was a good day. It will be a long day, as my appointment was at 7, yes SEVEN am. And I work tonight until Midnight, and am running a class at the school I own in between. But, it is what it is and we must persevere! So, if you see me wilting, a hug and some coffee is always welcome.

Till Monday y'all!!! In show business we say everything but "good Luck", but in this case, I think "good luck" could be appropriate! Here's to all the lucky things that hopefully will help!!