Never a Dull Moment!

So, I warn you ahead of time that this post, while it is an update, will be pretty vague. I realized that while I am being quite open and transparent about this journey, it is still a personal and sometimes difficult one. I am being up front about this now- I still have to protect my own vulnerability moving forward, and therefore will be vague for now and let you know how things go afterwards.

What I mean by this is that plans to do the transfer have moved up exponentially. I was planning on May 2018 ish, but since I went ahead and made those plans, they, of course, changed. So now I will be doing the transfer sometime this year and hopefully it will take and I will have a little one in 2018! I will keep you all posted!

Remember how I made mention in an earlier post about not telling someone who is going through IVF that "if you think you're tired now, wait till you have a kid"....because they might not actually ever have said kid, and that you are making it worse, even if you don't mean to? Well, here's another one that has come up- "get used to plans changing....wait till you have a kid!"

Let me explain why this is like sandpaper on my spine. I understand that if I have a child and we wake up and they are sick, guess what!? plans change- I need to call into work or find a last minute sitter, etc. I understand that we may be at a wedding and they may puke on me or someone else and guess what?! plans change- we are going home. This year has been all about plans changing. But it isn't just a daily plan- MY LIFE PLAN has changed at least 4 times since APRIL. Think about that. This isn't "my car died- change of my daily (or weekly plan)." This is planning and then wishing on a rainbow that it all works out, and in the meantime, people are shifting and changing their lives to make sure mine works. It is a domino effect. And who knows, it could change again! But I want you to pause before you say these things, because you need to understand the weight of the situation and consider that the person you are saying this too has already thought about it A MILLION times. I, of course, still love you all and I wouldn't mention this unless it had been uttered by more than 5 if you think its you- you're not alone xoxoxxo

*the end*

With all that being said, I am gearing up to prepare my body to be awesome and my uterus to be spongy! There are more meds coming up, more blood tests, more ultrasounds, more shots, and then hopefully the lil one being created will decide my body is the place it'd like to hang out for 9 months. Wish me luck and when it is time to tell you all more about when this is happening, I will tell you.

Have the most wonderful Sunday!!!!