Biology Flashbacks!

This week was one of a few firsts! For instance, I received an email telling me the eggs I adopted had made it with the sperm I adopted and they were on their way to making lil embryos!


I cannot help but laugh sometimes about this whole process; it is so odd and peculiar. It is also emotional, serious, and very expensive. I feel kinda like I'm in a Woody Allen film and maybe we're half way through....things have been tricky and interesting, and now comes the part where they go how they are SUPPOSED to go. I would also like a musical number to happen- for the ladies at the fertility clinic to bust out singing and dancing! That would be amazing!

I digress....hehe...

I was talking with a friend the other day after I got the fertilization email and we were in awe of how crazy and scientific it all is. Someone in a room fertilized eggs in the hopes of making embryos for me and there wasn't even a romantic dinner involved! I kid, but, seriously- how nuts is that!!? And so then I had to wait 5 days to see if they made it to the blastocyst stage. Now, what in heck does that mean!? is the embryo on day 5. It basically looks like the stuff under the microscope in Biology AP that you were like "sure, thats a so and so thing" and hoped your teacher believed you knew what you were talking about. Or was that just me? Here's a pic that may help:

So, on Day 5 of this chart is where they did the testing for abnormalities and they can also tell the sex of the embryo. They then put them on ice until it is time for transfer. I have to wait a couple of weeks to find out the results of those tests.

I had 5 eggs in the lot, 3 made it to the day 5 stage, and so 3 is the magic number of tries I will have. Hopefully, of those 3, at least one will be a girl! (Of course, if they are all boys I will be happy too.)

And hopefully take one is enough.

So, today, this is where we are.....just waiting for more information and hoping for the best!

Put good juju out into the universe for me- this is about to get reeeeeeaaaaallll interesting.