Now Transferring......Hold Please....

October 23, 2017

Originally written September 26, 2017

This last Saturday it all began again.  Kind of.  I went in for my baseline ultrasound and bloodwork and also began the .... dun ta dun.... meds!  Now the "Transfer" meds are different than the meds I took when trying to grow eggs.  Firstly, they are WAAAAAY less expensive.  Secondly, there is more variety and only one shot- which I understand to be a bit knarly- but still, only ONE, not THREE. 


So here we are- me taking 12mg of estrogen daily at the moment.  And in, perhaps, one of the craziest weeks of my year, annually.  It is the week of Circus Couture ( a most special time in that I, and so many of my awesomely talented friends come together and put on a HUGE show full of circus, fashion, and art all to raise money for Cure 4 The Kids. Check it out here. Anyway, I am the Senior Director of Hair and Makeup and this is a very busy time.  We start in June, but NOW is the craziness and NOW is when I am doing this other thing- trying to make a tiny human. Oy! The side effects so far from the estrogen have been a super awesome dull headache that doesn't really let up, and being realllly tired. again. Today a little bit of nausea was added.  Why can't the side effects be "may cause thinness and fuller lips?"  nope- its always super tiredness and headaches. ugh.  


I also know exactly what I am transferring (or having placed in my uterus.)  The genetic testing was done on the three embryos that made it to the day 5 stage.  Of the three, 2 were normal and one was abnormal.  So, there are two that will be frozen and I will have 2 tries to have a baby.  One is female and one is male.  whoa. Its all very exciting and overwhelming and I am trying to do everything I can (as much as I can within my control) to make sure there is a positive outcome and a viable pregnancy and birth.  I asked the doc if there were any foods that were particularly good at making the uterus soft and squishy like they want- like ice cream and chocolate.  Those are super helpful, right?!  The answer was She's a good sport, Dr. Bedient.  And she laughs at my jokes which is always a good sign of great character! ;) 


I'll do an update as I continue to take the estrogen and add in the shots.... stay tuned!!!!!




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