She's on the Inside Now!

Originally written October 11,2017

Wednesday, October 11, 2017, was a big day.  I woke up early and had breakfast with my roomates, hopped in the shower and got ready for what will definitely be on the Huge Life Events checklist.  I chose my favorite pink sweater with sheep on it (thank you Target) and a simple black skirt to wear to the possible beginning of my future.  Pink, because today was the FET (Frozen Embryo Transfer) and it is a girl embryo.  I also had on Batman underwear because all the super hero juju you can get is a good thing, right?! Right! One of my dearest besties came with me for the procedure and we were able to FaceTime my mom too so she could see the procedure on the monitor!  Did I tell you already that the staff at Fertility Center of LV is awesome? Cuz they are. I am pretty sure I'll be inviting all of them to a BBQ when all of this is over regardless because they are amazing people.  Here's how it all went:

When we arrived, they took me back to put on a sheet toga to cover my lady bits. I also received a super sexy blue hair net to cover my locks and cute lil blue booties for my feet.  When I emerged in all my glory, I saw they had given my bestie the same awesome hair cover plus a mask. We looked amazing. :)))) 

Escorted into the procedure room, I climbed up onto the table and assumed the standard position.  Dr. Bedient came in and gave me a hug, and then explained the process of what was going to happen. First, she would insert the speculum so, ya know, she can get in there.  She said she would clean off the cervix with the fluid they transfer the embryo in and then wait a moment.  Now, I am not sure what happened while she was in there but for a moment there was an extreme cramp that rendered me silent and brought tears.  It seemed like 5 minutes but I think it was like 30 seconds.  It has to do with having things up in your cervix and all.  It passed and then  the lab tech brought the embryo in for transfer!  Oh my gosh Oh my gosh!!!

We all watched the monitor as the syringe went it and when it was pulling out, there was a lil bitty dot that remained there!!!  It was the embryo!  Well, the actual embryo is too small to see, but it is in a lil fluid bubble and that is what we could see!  Now we wait till the 21st for the pregnancy test!

Once the procedure was over, Dr. Bedient gave me my instructions which were basically to chill out.  I could climb stairs (slowly of course) and sit at the table for dinner and move around a bit.  But, especially for the first day or 2, I need to calm the heck down and lie still.  The besty heard all of this and kept me on a tight leash in the days to come haha!  I learned I am really not great at resting for any lengthy period of time. oy!  

So over the last few days I have done pretty good- I have relaxed and only worked via phone or on the laptop and only after day 2.  I have watched a lot of my favorite true crime shows and we had a Halloween movie watching day with snacks one day too!  My friends are the best!  

I did have to add in more progesterone (400mg more!) so that kinda kicked my booty and rendered me exhausted.  

My current protocol is: 

Estriadol 3x day orally

Minivelle estrogen patches (2 that change every 3 days)

Progesterone shot (100mg) at 7pm everyday (again my friends are amazing and give these to me)

Progesterone Pills (100 mg each) 4x a day

Doxycycline (anitbiotic) 2x a day for 5 days after transfer. 

I currently have about 750 alarms on my phone.

The plan is that the shots will be removed and suppositories (vaginal) will take their place.  Oh boy! eeeek!

Why all the progesterone? Well, it is what helps maintain a pregnancy.  And until the 4th month or 2nd trimester, my body isn't naturally producing it because of the manner in which I became pregnant.  Once the 2nd trimester hits, my body should take over.  yay!

How am I feeling while I wait to find out if I am pregnant?  Welllll......I am tired.  The lazing about only makes you more tired.  And my back, which is awful to begin with, is hurting a lot from the lying and sitting around.  Last night I was nauseated which could be from the extra progesterone OR I could be pregnant.  hah!  I have tried to stay off of the Google because literally there are NO answers, just conjecture and so that doesn't help anyone!  All I can say is that basically I had a lot of symptoms before the transfer- tender boobs, rolling pms ovulation feelings, sensitive emotions, and tired.  So, its hard to tell what is different.  However, yesterday's nausea was new and I have some weird indigestion, plus puffy fingers,  but who knows?!  I will know soon enough! 

Here's to not falling asleep mid show at work! Cheers!!!