Enya Knows

Enya said it best: "Who can say where the road goes,Where the day flows, only time..."

I've always liked Enya....she gives me a sense of Celtic Zen....:) and listening to her makes you wanna wear velvet flowy things and light candles and makeout in lush woods. Right?!

Anyhoo, time is something I have a little more of till the next round of transfer. I went in for my baseline testing and while everything looks great, my estrogen hormone levels are elevated. What does that mean you say? Well, they like them to be between 70pg/ml and 100pg/ml to start (picograms per milliliter, or pg/ml). I said, why is it so elevated? And apparently I have one follicle hanging out in there that is making the levels high. There is always one.....grrrr. So, the plan is to go on birth control (not that its actually helping me not have a baby- my own body seems to be perfectly competent to prevent that naturally) but it controls the period and the hormones. Science!

But its all ok- With my house being in a current state of rehab, and the holidays, and traveling, it is just fine to wait to January to start all of the things. It gives me even more time to reflect on all that is wonderful in my life and appreciate the amazing people and the staff at the clinic. I am a happy lady and looking forward to a Merry Christmas.

Cheers everyone! Happy Holidays!