Dear Universe....

Hi Everyone! Its been a minute and quite a bit has happened so wanted to fill you in. After the last post, I went back in during December and we decided to move forward with the next (and final) transfer round. I began estrogen on Christmas day and whoa- this round was quite brutal. Yes, I was tired, but the headaches were MONSTROUS. Way worse than before. There was nausea too, which was super awesome. When I went in for my bloodwork checkup after about 10 days, THIS time my Progesterone was elevated and we decided to stop this cycle.

It was very frustrating, but Doc is being super cautious as this is the last embryo. No chances are being taken, save the huge one that this whole process is. Sooooo......due to my super nutso schedule in February, we are waiting to start the next round till mid Feb and hopefully will do a transfer in March. I am trying to live my life like it is going to happen and put it all out there into the universe. I know Life isn't fair, and I may have to deal with that once more, but I sure hope not. If you have any good juju or prayers for this next round- put em out there, ok? I really appreciate it!

I'll keep you posted :)