Holy Positive, Batman!!!!

So after the transfer, we allllll wait. And wait. The transfer was on Wednesday the 21st and the first blood test to check levels was on Monday, the 26th. Thats the halfway point to the official 10 day test.

Now, sometimes in the IVF or IUI process, you are given a shot of HCG prior to the transfer and so your day 5 test could be a false positive. Because of this, they don't recommend you take any test before day 10, and they don't really tell you anything from the day 5 test except how to continue your meds.

HOWEVER......I did NOT have any HCG shot prior to my transfer, so my levels looked AWESOME on day 5!!!!! It was a really good sign that it was a full positive!!! The interesting thing was that on Saturday, a few days after the transfer, I awoke like normal, got up and made a yummy breakfast. Literally 10 minutes after I ate, I thought "I am going to throw up." and I barely made it to the bathroom where I proceeded to throw up my ENTIRE breakfast. And then I felt better.

What the what?!!!

Of course, I am trying not be neurotic and pay attention to every little thing, but then I am being neurotic and paying attention to every little thing. I mean, throwing up isn't little and I am definitely not bulimic, so throwing up was most certainly out of the norm!

A note about the weird math that IVF does: the embryo when it is implanted is a 5 day old blastocyst- so when I threw up, it was really like day 9. BUT because of the gestational weirdness that happens, on Friday the 30, I was at 4 weeks and 0 days, but had only had the embryo inside for 10 days. Takes pretty much a month off of the whole thing. Considering the rough journey to get here- I think that is just peachy. :)

I only told a couple of people about the positive result on day 5 because I wanted to make sure the day 10 test was a positive too. I DID, however, go to CVS and buy my very first home pregnancy test! hahaha! I really have never taken one, which should have been my first clue that something was off, because almost everyone I know has taken one at least once even though they were super careful. Nope. Not me. So I had the thrill of that little adventure, and sure was hoping it would reflect the blood test. IT DID!!!!! I mean, that line does NOT come up unless you're knocked up. YESSSS!! My boobs began to get really tender and kinda outta control after that and so I am feeling pretty good about it.

So, here we are at day 10 and the blood work is in. My HCG levels are high and doing great!!! So its a confirmed positive!!!! I am so happy and overwhelmed. This has been such an emotional journey.

Most people do NOT announce a positive pregnancy at 4 weeks. They wait till 12 weeks because so very much can happen in that time. BUT, I have been so open about this crazy journey and so many of you have been on it with me, I wanted to share this amazing win! I will be trying to take it easy and do all of the things within my power to make sure lil man stays put in there, so I will be gone from here till week 12. Then I will make an official announcement once we are out of the woods so to speak. :))))

Thank you all so much for all of your love and prayers and juju and support. I think that it absolutely helped. This whole round has been so positive and comparitively easier than the last few tries. I am so loved and I am grateful. Thank you thank you thank you. I will keep you updated!!!!

Me and Tisha at the clinic for the implantation, wearing blue, of course!!! Thanks besty!!!!