Week 5!!!

Written on Saturday April 7, 2018

This last week was week 5 and it presented more of some doozy moments than before. For the most part things are not tooooo different, but the things that have changed are these:

My already buxom bosom are on their way to outta control! lol They are super tender and full and I am SO aware of them. I bought a larger sports bra to help keep them at bay without feeling like I'm in a vice. 

I thought I was dying on Tuesday. ha!  I awoke in the middle of the night thinking my heart was going to beat out of my chest, only to feel my pulse and it was fine.  I then went back to bed and when I finally got up to get in the shower, I felt like I had drank 4 bottles of Tequila the night before. My hangover feeling was nuts!!!! But then to top it off, I was so short of breath that going DOWN the stairs I had to catch it.  Of course I googled it (but I stayed away from WebMD, cuz I'm not that crazy) and then emailed the clinic.  It said that it is common due to elevated progesterone levels. What the what!?  I mean, I am going to take it all as a good thing that I felt like I was having a stroke, right? Hopefully it means my body is starting to kick in and on top of the nightly progesterone shots plus the 12g of estrogen a day, it had a moment of "I'm gonna scare the crap outta you okay- keep you on your toes!".  So thoughtful really.

The progesterone shots are still going and everytime is more tender.  Poor Lauren and Bryan (they give me my shots and helped me make a baby!  But when they stick me, no matter where in my rump, it hurts.  Only the stick though and sometimes after.  The heating pad helps :)  I am going to have one helluva non-alcoholic party when the shots are done!!!! whoop whoop!!!! 

What else is new this week.....oh! way more sleepy.  I did some light yard work the other day, and you woulda thought I ran a Ragnar Race.  Good Lord I was exhausted.  So that apparently is going to get "worse" too. haha!!!! I love naps so bring it on! 

Here's a look at whats happening to my innards: 

 Coming up next:  An ultrasound to make sure the yolk sac is in the right place.  If you're like me, I didn't know that was a thing, but apparently it is, so fingers crossed!!!

I'll catch up soon!