Boobtastic Times!

Today marks 2 months!!!! Woo hoo!!! Today the lil man on the inside is the size of a 1/2 LEGO brick, or a Cherry, orrrrrr a Denise's Pygmy Sea Horse!!!!! How flippin awesome is that!? He's apparently moving around in there and growing all kinds of things. It's all very exciting!!!! This last week has had some fun developments on the IVF side too- I was allowed to halve my Progesterone shot dose to 1 cc! I mean, the shot still sucks but it is quicker. I'm waiting to feel the difference in the morning from less. I am hoping that the synthetic hormone hangover is worse than a natural one haha....I mean, I've felt like total poo somedays in this rollercoaster, so hopefully it won't exceed that. I'll let you know!

Other changes- the nausea has finally calmed down. I was waking up super hungover from drugs and preggerness and then was nauseated till about 1 pm. OR I would be hungry and NOTHING, literally no thing sounded good. That was fun. **shaking head** So, that seems to have subsided and I am genuinely hungry which is nice. Now, I understand the rules about not actually eating for 2, and seeing as how I gained so much on the year long ride this has been, my margin for weight gain isn't huge. Which I'm ok with.

Currently, allll of it seems to be in my boobs!!!! Holy hell. I am becoming super awesome at wearing sports bras and I just bought a nursing camisole to sleep in because they are tennnnnder. Now, the whole boob is tender which is really interesting. I was going quickly down some stairs at work the other day and they kinda bounced and I thought "Ooooh no. That will not do unless duct tape is involved!" Or like the time I picked up a wig head block (a canvas block we attach wigs to in order to style them) and hulked out apparently and hit myself in the boob- that was super special!!!! hahaah!!! OW! I mean, they look pretty fabulous though, they're just going to be obscene at some point.

I was talking with a friend the other day about dating and sexy time during all these shenanigans and I said, well....a guy would be super happy with my boobs, but the idea of someone touching them is questionable, and unless they can read braille or a 3d map, my backside is out cuz of the awesome shots!!!!! Its feels like the Rocky Mountain range! HA! Super sexy right? ;) But, maybe in the 2nd trimester I will have different thoughts about it as the shots go away!

This last week I got to see his heart beating tooo!!!!!!! WHAAAAATTT????!!!! He was still in there and doing great!!!! That was surreal. My mom was on facetime with me and T and I sent the video to my dad.

Where am I now? I am waiting on results regarding my progesterone level and next week is an ultrasound to make sure all is well in there. No serious cravings yet, save I really want eggrolls, but not much else, and alcohol isn't a thing with me so I haven't missed it. yet. lol :) Keep the good juju going for this lil guy growing inside!!!!