11 Weeks!!! So Close to Goal 1!

I'm so clooooose to week 12 y'all!!!! I say its goal 1, but really it's like goal 762 because there are so many small stepping stones on the way to week 12. This last week I went in on the week 10 start for an ultrasound at the Fertility clinic- my last one!- and then had an appointment and ultrasound at the ObGyn for the first time.

At my graduation ultrasound appointment, Dr. Bedient and the ladies gave me the cutest lil bottle and shirt for Aiden and a thank you card. This ultrasound is from the ObGyn:

I was so surprised when I had the U/S at the clinic because it had been 3 weeks and he had grown so much!!!!!! At the ObGyn, we (my friends go with me) could really see him just moving alllll around in there!!!! Nuts! Here is the one from the Fertility Clinic- his lil booty is at the top and is so cute!

At 10 weeks, my bloodwork was looking good and I got the phone call on the 12th that I could STOP THE SHOTS. Y'all. I was so freaking excited!!!!!! My behind haunch area was so beat up and tender and itchy and it just hurts. But it was working so, OK......but I was beyond ecstatic when I go the go to stop. I also lowered my estrogen pills from 6 to 2. I could not wait to see how i felt in the mornings and to see if I didn't feel like a lush who was hungover. I am happy to say- I did not! I felt like, what I assume, is more of a normal pregnant person in the morning. Ya know, my boobs hurt, and I have to pee at 6am, but don't have to be up till 9 ish (remember I work till midnight) so I can fall back into bed and dream away. It's. so. lovely.

I did have a knarly hormonal headache in week 9 that lasted almost 3 days and trying to sort that out with no drugs was bs. All the oils and kumbaya in the world did nothing. Lying in the dark with a cold compress helped for a hour or so, but seriously, who has time to do that!!!? I do not. Thank the baby Jesus and the ceraphim above that it subsided. ugh!

After that, allergies kicked in, which I've never had, really happened and there are still remnants of that fun happening. oy! On day 5 of that awesomeness, I had a post nasal drip that had me coughing like a the smoking lady in Beetlejuice that tells them about the afterlife and my chest was KILLING me. So, I called the doc, informed her that alllllllll the home remedies, chanting, and wishing on hopes and dreams was not working and I was over it, what could I do!? I was allowed to take Claritin (NO D) and it did start to help me at least breathe again and dry up. I am all for homeopathic remedies and being as natural as possible- to a point. That point is when I cannot continue doing what I need to do with out looking like Phoebe in "Friends" and coughing everywhere.

Anyhoo- I feel better now and got more good news that I can come completely off meds!!!!! Onto the "regular" pregnancy!!!! I mean, as much as possible. I was put on the high risk track because of my doing IVF so I will still be monitored quite a bit.

Interestingly enough though, its not because of my age (I'm SOOOO old -37) because the egg I adopted was from a 22 year old. So that means that the embryo is from youthful stock therefore, it should be fine.

So where are things now? I was 11 weeks yesterday and off meds for 2 days now. My boobs are still really tender and I am pretty sure they're gonna be obscene by the time he gets here. yep. I am definitely wearing stretch pants- all the cute regular pants I own don't fit and are packed away.

I could eat ice cream everyday but am not. I'm trying to maintain a decently healthy diet. Somedays are good with that and somedays are meh. The nausea left about 7 days ago and I am grateful.

This week, Aiden is the size of fig, or even more funny- a poker chip!!!

How funny is that. I love the Ovia app- its very informative and has super cute comparison things. Next week is the big benchmark though, and after that I can really start planning. I am a huge planner, so who am I kidding that I haven't started already, but with caution.

I am feeling great and keeping busy- but trying to not be my usual busy. Progress, right? Here is a pic of what is happening in there at week 11:

He is starting to look more like a lil human in there, but just super tiny!

Stay tuned for next week! The adventure continues!!!!