A Wee Little Canary!

I'm 15 weeks preggers now! Aiden is the size of a cute lil yellow canary! I have been off all the fertility meds for a week now too!! While I am tired, I think its a normal tired and not the extra tired the meds make me feel. woo hoo! I will say that with the heat really setting in here in Vegas, getting up in the morning is harder. I'm all comfy cozy and usually after the morning "I have to pee" wake up, then I go back to bed and am the most comfortable.

Of course the whole bed situation has been interesting haha.....I'm glad I don't have to share it cuz I'm all over the place trying to get comfy and I think thats only gonna get more creative! :0 A friend gave me a pregnancy pillow that is shaped like a giant "C" and I can't figure out how to be the most comfy on it. AND my covers get tangled in it which means I get tangled in the covers and I have lobster hands with the stupid wrist splints on so I'm useless!!!! hahaha!!! What a mess. And super sexy. oh yeah. All I'm missing is my night guard. Oh wait. I am supposed to be wearing that too. ahhhh!!! Oh well.

Today's adventure was trying to find maternity shorts to wear and grow into. Target literally had every size except the 2 I possibly could fit into! I mean, they had the ones that go underneath the preggo belly, but right now, I would like to contain said growing belly, not have it out free in the world. So the below the belly bottoms are out. And can I say how annoying it is that there is like .5% of Mossimo products left?! I have this maxi skirt (plus ALLLL of my fave yoga pants and tanks) from them and whyyyy are they gone?!ugh. Target, get it together! My appetite is still a bit squirrely and not super consistent. I'm working on that. I also get

full really fast which doesn't help so I wind up packing a whole bunch of random snacks to see what sounds good later. haha

But I am happy to have all of these nutso issues because it means lil Aiden is on his way and growing and doing well. I will find the humor in these situations! I see more lycra in my future! dun ta dun!