Growing Pains, and Not the Kirk Cameron Kind!

I still haven't "popped" which is fine, and also somewhat comical. If anything, things are kind of in reverse as I am not gaining any weight and slimming down a tinge, even though I feel like a tree trunk! hahaha! I took a pic of me at 12 weeks, when I had gained about 9 pounds and things were getting tight.

Apparently this is normal if you are a curvy lady to begin with. A silver lining! After the weight gain on the journey to get here, I will totally take a loss. woo hoo!!! I found a great article on it too- HERE.

I think that the tummy will pop in the next couple of weeks or so. I tried on a pair of maternity leggings I bought just to see where things were and I could pull the belly part up over my boobs!!!!! HAHAHAH!!! So, I am not sure when those are for and its a lil terrifying! :))

So, growing pains......lil man in there is the size of an XBox remote, therefore he is starting to take up some real room. My appetite is already affected because I get super full, like I said before, and that hasn't changed. But during week 16 and 17, the round ligaments in my tummy are really stretching and expanding. And man! They pull and stop you in your tracks (or in your turn in bed.) It tends to happen when sleeping and turning over at normal speed and then in your unconscious state you are frozen with the ligament pulling. Its like, where is that information in the all the things I've read? I googled it and talked to peeps and its a normal occurance which is great, because the first time it happens there is a serious moment of "OMG something is wrong!"

The other new growing pain is cramps. They feel like period cramps, which that thought occurs too- like "Oh my period must be coming.....WAIT, I'm freaking pregnant, what is thaaaaat?" Apparently that is normal too as long as they come and go, and don't really cause pain or bleeding. What causes that you ask? Well, that remote sized baby inside needs room and so the uterus begins to expand and causes cramps or in some cases contractions. Women who are having their second or third pregnancy may even feel the contractions/cramps earlier. So crazy!

Here's some more information on the round ligament pain..... click here. And here is information on the here.

I took a picture at 17 weeks to see if I had grown and I slimmed down a tinge! I have to remember to pick an outfit so the pics are consistent! LOL But, I am thinking that with all the growing pains, the next pics will look different. Theres no hurry, of course. It will come and then I'll need help tying my shoes!!! So cheers to upcoming craziness!

I have some appointments coming up and so far all is well!!!