Over Halfway!!!

Woohoo!  I have made it to the half way mark in weeks!  Since technically I am only preggers for 9 months due to the IVF process, I was halfway at week 18, but we'll celebrate the marker here at 20 weeks. :)  

This week has been MUCH better.  Week 19 was bullshit.  It started out with a tummy bug that made my already finicky appetite almost non-existent.  ugh.  Then it seemed the oversensitive hormones kicked in that week in conjuction with situations that happened that hurt my feelings, and because of said hormones, was not normal Meghann, but crying, super sensitive Meghann.  It. was. not. awesome. nope nope nope. I felt like a crazy person. (insert eye roll)  But, it is what it is and I have to accept that.  It will be fine. 

That week also brought the most uncomfortable times yet as Aiden is growing (which is AMAZING), but did not feel amazing.  Lots of ligaments stretching and feeling really full and wishing no clothes were touching me.  hahah!  My understanding is this feeling will only increase- lol. 

However, THIS week was much better.  I knew I always liked even numbers.  Week 20 started out great.  I was feeling better, still emotional though but handling it, kept busy, and didn't feel as uncomfortable.  I started working on the nursery with one of my besties and we got a HUGE chunk done.  More work is to be done but it is looking awesome!  My carpal tunnel was not so happy about the DIY episodes and so after a couple of weeks of it being better (ya know, only going numb at like 7am instead of every hour), it reared its stupid head and was mad.  It seems to be calming down again, thank goodness.  I bought some night splints that are soft and without the actual splint part and they are working great!

Today I had my check in at the High Risk Pregnancy Center for my 20 week anatomy scan and stuff.  They did a topical ultrasound to see him and boy, he has grown!!! I hadn't seen him in 7 weeks!!!!  He looks like a baby baby, not a gummy bear alien thing!!  He was moving all around and all his bones were there and even his lil brain looked perfect.  They also did a vaginal ultrasound (so didn't miss those!) to check my cervix.  Soooo my cervix is only 1.13 cm away from the placenta.  What does that mean you ask? Welllll, it has be to over 2cm to be in the clear for a natural birth.  If it is below 2, then a C-Section is happening.  In another 4 weeks, we will check it again and then deal with it.  I don't care either way as long as he is healthy.  No one is giving out badges to peeps who have natural births.  It is alllll good. 

The other piece of info/doc orders was no intercourse till the next check up because of the placenta closeness to my cervix. Lol welllll..... I guess I’ll just put all my lovers on hold. 🙄😂 I said “No worries. “ and chuckled. If I was married or in a relationship that would suck! Haha! 

Its going to be really interesting to see what he looks like, as I used an egg donor AND a sperm donor.  I know what they look like but seeing the result of that will be cool.  This is the first look and he looks pretty darn cute if I say so myself. :)))) 

I am starting to actually look pregnant which is pretty cool! I haven't gained any weight though- which like I said before is fine by me.  It will come and I have enough to get off after he's born to get back to my normal. 

Baby boy is doing wonderful though!  He is 13 ounces and all his bones look good and he's just chillin like a villain.  I am back next week at the regular OB so I'll see how much more he's grown then!!!  It's all very exciting!

Here's more of him plus a look at what is going on in there at 20 weeks: