6 Months Preggers!!

August 24, 2018


Well, I have made it to and through the 6 month (or 24 week) marker!!!  As of yesterday I am 25 weeks!  Baby Aiden is starting to push my tummy out for real and it is hard to the touch most of the time.  That makes bending over and stuff really easy....hahahah!! Nope!  But lots of things have happened in the last few weeks!


I went in for my testing with the high risk doc at just over 20 weeks and at that appointment, one of the things they picked up in the anatomy ultrasound was an itty bitty "bright spot" on Aiden's heart chamber.  It wasn't in all of them though, so she came in and explained that it is most likely nothing, but could be this: 


Echogenic intracardiac focus (EIF) is a small bright spot seen in the baby’s heart on an ultrasound exam. This is thought to represent mineralization, or small deposits of calcium, in the muscle of the heart. EIFs are found in about 3–5% of normal pregnancies and cause no health problems.

EIFs themselves have no impact on health or heart function. Often the EIF is gone by the third trimester. If there are no problems or chromosome abnormalities, EIFs are considered normal changes, or variants.


Now, the other thing this can be associated with is Down Syndrome.  I have literally had more genetic testing than a monkey going to space, and so far Aiden does not have it.  So, if he doesn't have Down Syndrome then the bright spot will have no affect on his health.  Great News!!  They did go ahead and do another round of genetic testing and it was ruled out again, as well as what is called a Q Natal blood test.  I made sure insurance covered it (get the code from your doc so you have the exact thing when you call), and got my blood drawn.  I am awaiting those results but they should be fine as well.  What is this test?  


QNatal Advanced can detect the most common autosomal fetal abnormalities: trisomy 21 (Down syndrome), trisomy 18 (Edwards syndrome), and trisomy 13 (Patau syndrome). It can also detect abnormalities of the sex chromosomes. These include Turner syndrome (monosomy X) and Klinefelter syndrome (XXY) as well as XXX and XYY syndromes. In addition, microdeletions that are too small to be detected by standard cytogenetic analysis can be detected. These include microdeletions of chromosomes 1p (1p36 syndrome), 4p (Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome), 5p (Cri-du-chat syndrome), 8q (Langer-Giedion syndrome), 11q (Jacobsen syndrome), 15q (Prader-Willi/Angelman syndromes), and 22q (DiGeorge syndrome). 


Again, I am not worried, nor is my doctor. 


In other non medical fun news, Aiden has started kicking up a storm in there!!!  I went to see Cirque du Soleil's MJOne show and he was alllll over the place when the upbeat music played!!! So funny!!!  I thought, well that is interesting, so I bought some Bumpin Beats tummy speakers and have been playing all kinds of music for him.  Sometimes he moves around and sometimes he is chill.  


There are a lot of speakers out there, but this was on sale and works just fine.  


He also likes the French class I take once a week.  He is usually pretty active in there when we are speaking French.  My goal is for him to learn it as well while learning English.  Ambitious, but doable. yep yep!


I am still having serious issues with the carpal tunnel which just SUCKS.  I sleep with splints, bought compression gloves, and even bought CBD cream (100% with no THC) to help the aching.  It really does help with that!!! wow!!!  Its not cheap, but worth it! These last 2 weeks they not only go numb at night, but also throughout the day for no good reason. (insert eye roll.) BUT at least my back is doing pretty good. Which is weird. lol 


I am for sure feeling more and more uncomfortable and having to go slower in all aspects.  In my job I climb about 4 flights of stairs both ways each night.  I am DEFINITELY going slower there! By the time I reach the top, I'm doing yoga breathing to keep my heart regulated haha..."Yoga" breathing is in and out through your nose.  It regulates my heartbeat and keeps me calm.  It helps when feeling stressed too.  Or like you wanna kill someone.  Do some yoga breaths and pray for patience!


The picture here is of the bobby side sleeping pillow that I had custom extended and recovered in a soft unicorn fabric.  I bought the original one and the distance between the pillows was for a 5 year old!!!! I was like "get outta here with that!" I mean, how in heck is a NORMAL person supposed to be comfortable sleeping on that, let alone someone who is gradually becoming more curvy growing a tiny human?  So, my fabulous friend and costume designer Zach Paugh created a much more reasonable and super comfy version.  Boppy- you should not only take notes, but hire Zach!  Here is the original:


In other news, I have an appointment coming up this week with both the high risk doc and the regular OB to check on all of my innards. I guess we'll see if my placenta took a hike away from my cervix.  I feel like he's still hanging out pretty low, but what do I know? This is all a first!  What I do know is I have to pee all the time and could still eat ice cream and pizza everyday (I am not lol), but man, they sound good!!!  


I'll let you know how the results are from the next check up.  So far so good!  

















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