Hellllooooo 3rd Trimester!!

Hooray!!!! Aiden and I have made it to month 7!!!! Hopefully it won't be like the movie "28 Weeks Later"......ha! But we did make it to the 28 week mark and are doing well. Several things have happened this week besides reaching a great benchmark.

I went in for the Rh Shot yesterday at my regular OB's office. It wasn't too bad- but my rump apparently has "tough skin" LOL....I said, "welllll that would be from all of the progesterone shots." ugh. I guess there's some scar tissue back there. It wasn't pleasant but it wasn't an amazing feeling either. However, there were no side effects or soreness so that is a win!

Earlier in the week I went to the High Risk doc to start monitoring because the fluid level in the placenta was on the high side. My 80/20 low glycemic diet is helping a lot though! That wasn't bad at all. They hooked up the heart and contraction monitor and I think he was asleep when I first sat down.....I poked my belly and was like get up....they need to see your heart beat when you're awake! He did wake up and then was kicking around and all was well. Doc did take me off the consecutive flights of stairs at work but I get to keep 90% of my track in the show and my bosses and co-workers are amazeballs so it all will work out!! That should help my heart pounding out of my chest lol Also, he is already booty up and head down, even though I am sure he is during somersaults in there! I cannot wait to meet him!!!

I will go on a hospital tour in the next couple of weeks and I'm looking forward to that. I am still sleeping in the guest room with like 9 pillows, my cat is super confused about it, and if I had a hubby or bf- they would be sleeping in the other room probably cuz there is no room!

The round ligament pain is back this week too as he is growing in there.....Lordy it gets ya good. You move just a little too fast and BAM it hooks you and then you must. stop. moving. So nuts. But it passes quickly and then onto the task at hand.

Also, re-introducing itself this week is the surge of hormones. So excited about that. Back in week 19, the suckiest week thus far, they hit pretty hard and I was a weepy, sensitive mess among other things. Well, they're back. ugh. I am a pretty stable individual when it comes to my overall emotional health, so the irrational upsetness at people and super sensitive feelings.....I don't like it. Not one bit. I looked it up and it said this surge should last about a week or two (oy) and then I think it all gets saved up for post partum. yay. Thank goodness my mom will be here to help me navigate that fun bucket of feelings. Sorry mom! haha!

The nursery ceiling is all patched up and beautiful so NOW I can finally finish in there and get it all cute! Also, I still want to cut my hands off almost daily. I swear, if I had Carpal tunnel in my non-pregnant life, I would have surgery in like .2 seconds. no joke.

But, I am super thankful that for the most part, everything is going great and I am healthy and Aiden is doing stellar. Cheers to the start of a good, healthy 3rd trimester!