Oh, Joyous Times Abound!

What a whirlwind of things going on!! I am almost 34 weeks along and lil man is definitely starting to really show himself! These last two weeks, the ligaments are really stretching and he is getting bigger and very sassy :)

These last few weeks have been full of love and gifts from loved ones near and far, the most beautiful and amazing baby shower EVER, and also several doctor appointments that ended in my actually having Gestational Diabetes and having to start insulin shots. (insert deep sigh and frustration).

For the doc appointments, Aiden was measuring a couple weeks ahead and so the high risk doc wanted to take a closer look at my blood sugar and glucose levels. Everything else was on track and doing well- I haven't gained much weight, my blood pressure is awesome, there is not a lot of swelling, and contractions have been minimal. But because of his size, they are concerned. Soooo I had to do the finger pricking thing for over a week and get the levels one hour after eating plus a fasting level when I woke up. In the middle of all of that, my precious fur baby, Jimmy Choo, passed away at 15 and I had him for 12 years. To say I was a MESS is the understatement of the decade. The added hormones did not help AT ALL. ugh it was (and still is in waves) awful. So, the log I kept had some missing entries but they got the info they needed.

It was determined that the fasting number was higher than they want and that has not a lot to do with diet because there was about 9-10 hours between eating and taking the fasting sample. It has to do with my placenta and how it is functioning. And the universe recognizing how much I hate shots and so they got added back into my life. oy vey! At least they are tiny compared to the Progesterone shots!!! Silver linings!!!

It does suck that I do have to really watch what I eat though, especially at Halloween! But, I just keep thinking that after he's born, it will help get the excess weight off because I was pretty healthy during the pregnancy. So theres that!

The nursery is almost done and that makes me super happy!!! I have some bits and bobs to add and put up and figure out alllll the super cute clothes that I have been so lucky to receive, but then it will be done. whew!!!

I am still sleeping in the guest room so I can actually get out of the bed in the middle of the night and cannot wait to sleep in my bed again!

I still want to cut my hands off. God, I CANNOT WAIT for the carpal tunnel go. away. It is so frustrating and horrible. It wakes me up at night even with splints on, and my hands ache and then they just go numb throughout the day. SO DUMB. I will be ecstatic when they go back to normal. haha!

He is moving around a lot still and has definite opinions about me leaning up against my desk or the monitoring where pressure is up against my tummy. He kicks and is like "Get off!!!" lol Very determined already! I had the 4d ultrasound done too and that was super cool! Getting to see what the blending of the egg and sperm donor looks like in his little face was really neat. He has the sperm donor's nose for sure and its super cute!

I have to go in this week for my growth check, glucose check, and monitoring, so a lot will be determined this week....like when do they want him to come out. This all depends on how hes doing in there and the size and the diabetes. I can't wait to see how hes doing. He feels like hes plenty busy and very cozy lol!

Overall it has been a wonderful couple of weeks and I was surprised by seeing my aunts at the shower (mom flew them in to surprise me!) and having mom in town (she'll be back sooooon!) and being surrounded by so much love for myself and lil man!

I"ll keep y'all posted!!! Cheers!